Sell your vacant land and empty property lot

Welcome to our seller’s portal. You may be wondering why you were singled out and why your property was targeted with such a low-ball offer. You’re probably insulted, seeking to spit in our soup or slap us with your fancy driving gloves. Trust me, we get it! Before you swing, hear us out.

First, let me assure you that our intent isn’t to insult you or anyone else with our offers. The truth of the matter is that we are in the community improvement and beautification business. Our plan is never to acquire a property just to have it sit there. We have committed to creating a WIN-WIN-WIN situation for the seller, local government and neighboring residents of vacant land. It is an area of specialization that has 3 specific benefits:

We benefit our property owners with hassle-free cash deals where we cover all of the costs associated and make the process as simple as possible (just sign, wait, and receive the check).

We benefit the local county government by ensuring the community development and county services get supported through a higher tax assessment via property usage.

We benefit the property and neighbors through community beautification and progress reducing crime and increasing neighborhood property values.

So, this means that when we acquire a property, it’s only the beginning. Whatever its life will be, one thing is certain, there will be an investment to improve the lot. We must leave this fiscal room in our acquisition deals to make sure we can responsibly improve each lot for it’s future use. Thank you for letting me explain that tricky side of our business. Now that I’ve talked you down from the edge and you’ve put the glove away, give me a chance to tell you something about our company.

About Estate Venture LLC

Estate Venture is a vacant lot acquisition and development enterprise seeking to take abandoned lots and bring them back to purposeful use. We are an expanding network of diverse real estate professionals having decades worth of experience collectively.


Dedication to customer service – We will treat each person we meet with a friendly and empathetic attitude.

Creative Problem Solving – We believe problems were made to be solved. They’re not red lights meant to keep us complaining. We prefer to work out creative solutions and terms to handle the most difficult and complex situations. If we can’t find a solution, we’ll make one.

Trustworthy Interactions – We have learned in the course of growing our network, that you CANNOT surround yourself with great business partners by employing crafty and shifty tactics. We strive to work in deals where there is mutual trust, comfort and security between buyer and seller.

“You don’t want to be the guy known around town for doing bad deals.” – J. Paul Getty

How To Submit Your Purchase Agreement

Download a new purchase agreement with instructions here.

If you have a physical copy of the signed Purchase Agreement you can simply take a picture of it and email it to us at If you’re one of those people who prefer traditional mail, you can also mail in your physical copy to ESTATE VENTURE LLC, P.O Box 1156, Arverne, N.Y. 11692, while shooting us the visual copy in email to ensure we get working on your transaction quickly.

So, What’s The Next Step?

If you have submitted your signed Purchase Agreement and want to know what comes next:

  1. We will confirm that your submissions were received and the next part is on us. You’ve done your part.
  2. Give us time to do our research (buyer due diligence) and confirm the present legal status of the property and search for any other encumbrances that we didn’t know about. Don’t worry though, this won’t stop the deal in most cases. We will continue with the deal and seek credits or concession wherever necessary. It’s really about our mission: A Win-win-win for all parties.
  3. Once we have responsibly evaluated the property, we will open escrow with a title company and close thereafter.

FAQ – Selling your land

1.) What does a title company do?
a.) Title companies serve as the trusted 3rd party who orchestrates the
buying/selling of real estate.
b.) Additionally, they insure the title of the property against liens/encumbrances of
any kind
c.) We send them the money to buy and you sign the docs to sell and the title
company does not disburse the funds to the seller or transfer ownership to the
buyer until both parties have fulfilled their contractual obligation
d.) This allows safe, hassle-free transactions between strangers
2.) How quickly can we close?
a.) This is entirely dependent on the title company and the due diligence needing
done on our end.
b.) Title companies have to do their due diligence on the title in order to obtain the
“title commitment” which is necessary for them to insure the title and close the
transaction. This typically takes them 3-10 business days
c.) Secondly, they have to coordinate the notary and prepare all of the
paperwork/numbers which is dependent on their schedule
d.) On our end, we have to verify that the land is buildable by double
checking: Utilities, Zoning, Topography, Etc.

e.) Once all of the above are completed, we can close the transaction
3.) What will happen on the day of closing?
a.) 1-2 days prior to closing, the title company will send you a “settlement statement”
which outlines the numbers on your side of the transaction. Here you will see the
purchase price minus any costs associated with the sale such as unpaid taxes,
liens that may be on the property, (only in the event that the back taxes go beyond our coverage threshold).
b.) The title company will send a notary to you in order to sign all of the paperwork.
One of the documents allows you to choose if you’d like the funds wired to you or
sent via check
c.) On our end, we send the money to the title company and sign all of our
respective documents. We typically send the funds into the title company several
days ahead of time if they’re able to prepare the documents in time.
d.) Once we’ve both signed, the title company will send you the money via a check
or wire transfer, depending on what you chose